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I am hosting the Punk Rock Gift Exchange and wanted to get the word out any who may like to join. It is a swap similar to secret pal with a group of like minded knitters/crocheters and a couple twists. I thought that WCTP makers would fit in quite well. If you are interested the blog is  It has all the information, concept, sign-up, ect. Sign ups are open to the first 50 people or through February 28th. Hope to see you there!



Yeah! Blocked! Finished.

I followed the pattern to the letter – I used two shades of grey Dale of Norway Tiur. Size 3 needles for the hat, size 1 for the lining. The lining is Rowan Wool Cotton (black).

 Not too bad for learning to knit at Christmas time. Whoop!

I love my mittens! I wasn’t originally planning on knitting the hat but this project was so fun I think I have to.
One question, I have to order the yarn for the hat, I am using dale hauk, what would be a good cotton to pair with it for the lining? I am putting my pic on the Flickr page because I am afraid I will screw it up here.

The drive from Florida to Kentucky to New York proved to be a good time for knitting. I started and completed the We Call Them Pirates hat.

Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worsted (85% wool/15% Mohair) in Clematis (M-56) and Creme (M-10) – yarn that has been in my stash for quite some time
Gauge: Not sure, I didn’t do a swatch, but it turned out just right
Needles: US 4 for the outer layer and US 3 for the inside layer
Time: Started 1/22/07, Completed 1/26/07
Notes: I think I’m going to block it and tack down the inside a little better. I think the pattern turned out well, but I would make some adjustments to the chart if I did it again. I think it’s hard to see the cross bones in person (they look okay in the photos!) with the little extra patterning in the chart. I know this would make some of the floats in the back quite a bit longer, but I think it would be easier to see the cross bones.

On with the photos!

Close up of the pattern/stitches:

On me:

(For more photos CLICK HERE.)

I’m considering knitting another one with a different yarn, but not until a few more projects get completed :o)

“Shiver Me Timbers” is a phrase from Long John Silver. Should I keep it or frog it? It’s no problem to rip out 6 rows, I just need to decide now. It didn’t quite turn out like I envisioned it, so I don’t know. It’s for a 4 year old child. Thanks for any help!

Long John Silver


Okay, in the last twenty minutes or so I have learned a couple of things. One is that I ought to just scan my finished objects, as I have seen others do with great success. Look, it worked! These colors are even accurate! The other is that these are thumbnails, and you can click on them for a bigger picture. I loves the techonology…yarrr!

The black and white hat is my son’s. It’s Patons Classic Wool (black) and Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool (natural), on size 8 needles. I knit the border, then one row of skulls, then another border, and did the same crown shaping as on my hat. It was a little big, but I felted it down to size, and it fits him very well. Oh, and only 96 stitches again.

The purple and blue hat is my daughter’s. The purple is Patons Classic Wool, and the blue is Cascade 220, and it was knit on size 6 needles. The pattern changes are the same as on her brother’s hat, except I didn’t need to felt this one – it was the right size, right off the needles.

 Yarrr!  Here be my first hat! (I’ve knit two more since this one.) The main color looks too dark in this picture – it’s actually purple.


I can only seem to get the pictures to be really big or really small…sorry about that. Here’s another one; Jane Austen included for scale. This one shows the colors of the hat better.


This hat was knit in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted in royal purple and natural on size 6 needles.  I did two rows of skulls, because the hat was looking pretty tall at that point, and only 96 stitches, so there are only 3 chart repeats. I also changed the crown shaping (started with K6, K2tog, and continued in usual hat fashion).  It fits perfectly and I love it!

Here’s my WCTP hat in progress.

Kaitie Tee's WCTP Hat

It only took me a couple days to get this far. Now all I have left to do is tack down the cotton lining. I used Dale of Norway Falk for the main part of the hat and Patons Grace for the lining. I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern (I even used the suggested needle size). I can’t wait to make the mittens too!

Here’s fingerless mitten number one, from the back. The thumb is almost finished. In fact, the thumb is what all that circular-needly stuff is about. (Anyone else knitting using the Magic Loop method?)
I was going to try to knit initials rather than the year in the palm of the 2nd mitten…but I’ve jettisoned that idea. The palm will read “2007”.
(My deepest apologies for that image. It’s scanned…and the piece is not yet blocked, hence the utter wonkiness of the stitches.)

Yay! I’ve finally cast on! It took me long enough to finally find the yarn and then figure out what I was doing. This is for my oldest son’s birthday, and it’s a pirate theme. Maybe this will ensure that I actually get it done. He didn’t want hat or mittens, so I’m making him a little bag. I just started last night and it doesn’t look like much yet.

 This is the front. I’m using size 10 bone needles, Freedom  100% wool yarn in black, white, and a very pretty red. This camera just doesn’t do it justice.


This be the back. It be me first foray into intarsia but I’m not doin’ too bad if I do say so meself.