Hello! I have posted on my own blog about my trials and tribulations with a “We Call Them Pirates” hat. In fact, as you’ll see in the linked post, I actually just about gave up on knitting it this winter only last night!

And then, this morning, along comes this knitalong. Almost like a whack upside the head from the muses saying “No-no – you must knit this hat now!”

The main issue so far is that the hat was clearly knit for a very small head. My husband and I have, we think, fairly normal sized adult heads, and we’re having to increase the circumference of the hat by about 25% in order to get something that fits without threatening to squeeze our brains out our ears.

I’m currently frogging my third attempt at increasing the size, in which I modified the chart to add 16 extra stitches – about 2 and 2/3 inches. This was still too small, so on the next attempt, I’ll use the unmodified chart, but knit five repeats instead of only four.

I realize this is a free pattern on the web, but it would be awfully nice if it included more information about sizing it to fit different heads. Then I might only have had to knit this once!

Oh, yes – I’m using the recommended needle sizes, and Cascade 220 for my yarn. I’m getting gauge, so that’s no problem. It’s just too darn small as written!

Crafting Jen