I picked up the size 6 needle today, and I just cast on for that fourth attempt at the hat. And as I worked my way around the crochet chain, picking up the provisional stitches, it occured to me that you all might have the wrong impression of how I feel about my experience with this hat so far.

Yes, I’m on my fourth attempt to knit the same hat. But am I upset about it? No. Am I annoyed at the time spent? No. Does it bother me to be knitting this a fourth time?

Not. One. Bit.

In three times knitting most of this hat, I have learned how to knit Fair Isle with two hands, each carrying a different color. (I am a Continental knitter in standard practice.) I have become very familiar with the chart. I have gained speed at picking up whichever color is needed for the next stitch.

I have calculated gauge, evaluating what effect different changes to the process will have on the finished size. I learned how, if I wanted, I could add stitches to the chart and make it larger that way. I have also learned how to alter the pattern by knitting with larger needles, the method I’m using for the current attempt.

I know this project…well, I was going to say inside and out, only I’ve never gotten as far as knitting the lining, so I guess I only know it out. But I know out darned well!

The knitting community, and especially the community of a KAL, is a wonderfully responsive one. I do appreciate all the advice and suggestions that have come from my few posts here, and you were instrumental in my final decision today to work with a gauge change instead of an additional pattern repeat.

Thank you!

And so, now, I’m doing just fine, and I even like that I’m on the fourth time knitting this thing. Fair Isle is fun to knit, and look how much practice I’m getting! I get much more satisfaction from making a project work – even if it means frogging multiple times – than from knitting something that is less than what I wanted. So, I’ll just keep on doing that until I get it right!