hey everyone! i’m excited to be a part of the knitalong and see what everyone is doing with this great pattern! i started mine just after the new year. my parents both asked for IOUs on hats and mittens for christmas gifts and i had never done fair isle before so i decided to give it a shot with something rather simple. my friend, sandra, introduced me to the hello yarn patterns and i dove in and bought some dale of norway falk to get started! the hat and mittens will both be for my lucky dad.

i decided to go with the colors the pattern called for since it’s my first time doing colorwork and i love how it’s turning out.

here’s how far i was last week:

last week

and this is where i am this week:

this week

fair isle is a lot of fun! but also a lot of work :) it’s getting easier though. i have a three day weekend ahead of me and i hope to finish off the outside and move on to the lining by monday. once the hat is done, i’m moving on to the mittens! can’t wait!