Well, with the timely arrival of this KAL, and the advice and support of other members, I sped along to a rapid finish on my first We Call Them Pirates hat!

The hat was being knit as a Christmas present for my husband, Gryphon. He knew about it, chose the colors, and has been eagerly watching the progress with every attempt. And he’s really pleased that it’s done now!

FO - Gryphon's Pirates Hat
Finished Hat

Since at least the second attempt, I’ve been including a small change in the chart on one skull in the hat. A simple shift in the position of the upper eye stitches completely changes the expression of the skull. Can you spot the changed one in this rear view?

Secret Design Change
One of These Things is Not Like the Others

My details:

Yarn: Cascade 220, color numbers lost with ball bands
Needles: In the end, I wound up knitting this on size 6 Addi Turbos in a 20″ length. Contrary to the pattern, I used the same size for the lining, and it seems to have come out perfectly.
Gauge: About 4.75 – 5 stitches per inch.
Finished Size: About 24″ around at the hem.

An interior shot for those who always look at the backside of the needlework:

Inside Out

And a close look at the line where I stitched down the lining.

Detail of Lining Stitching

What next?

I have a notion that I might do a headband version of the chart for myself. I usually have my hair in a ponytail, and a headband earwarmer is the way to go for me. I’m also considering coming up with fingerless mitts to go with the headband.

I’ll post again when I have figured out some details about how I’ll proceed with either of those projects.

Thanks for bringing us this knitalong! It was instrumental in this hat being completed this year, instead of next!