So my contribution to this wonderful knit along is a We Call Them Pirates mobile phone cozy, or as I now find myself living in France, chaussette de portable. My brand new French mobile phone is screaming out for this before I manage to scratch her all up. Originally I was just going to buy one, but all I was finding were designs of Hello Kitty and ones with sequined patterns like “Sexy.” Just not me. About the same time I decided to just knit my own I stumbled upon this knit along. Although it was hardly an accident as I purchased Nikol’s sexy new book the day it came out and that eventually led me here. The design just seemed too perfect. Plus a nice small project might be best considering I have two large projects going and this is my first foray into Fair Isle knitting. So after that possibly all too lengthy intro here are my plans:

A trip to Phildar (I am still getting acquainted with the LYS terrain over here. It is a bit different than in the States. Seems to be quite corporate) for some nice fine gauge yarn resulted in my purchase of Phildar Phil’Bambou. Yes, that second part of the word is French for bamboo. One of my current big projects is this amazingly sexy skirt (Well, at least the pattern is amazing. We’ll see if my finished product is amazing.) for my girlfriend in SWTC Bamboo (red). I really like the feel of it so why not continue that theme. I looked at quite a few colour choices, wanting to get away from the rather conservative, or is it Goth, black and white I would normally be drawn to. I ended up with “noir” and “anise.” So I still have the black, and the other is sort of a muted neon green.

My mobile phone getting acquainted with my two skeins

My basic plan is to knit the front and back with our beloved We Call Them Pirates motif and incorporate the striping up the sides. Then I will knit a liner, presumably on a size smaller needle, to fold into the inside. This should provide more padding for my phone and prevent it from snagging on the floats.

And now here is my current mental concept of how I will knit it. After knitting a swatch to determine gauge (of course) I will commence by knitting on double points a square equal to the size of the bottom of my phone. Next I will pick up stitches on the other three sides of the square over four needles; one for each side. From there I will knit the height of the phone incorporating the pattern. A few rows past this I will switch to a size smaller needles and knit the liner that will eventually be folded inside. This will be equal in length to the outside. Okay, that’s the concept, now to swatching and some math.

I will be learning as I go. If anyone sees any major problems with my idea please let me know. Mistakes are a great teacher, but guidance is not a bad thing either.