Hi everyone! This is my first KAL signup, and I’m just getting the hang of it. When I registered with WordPress, I became a bit distracted by the words “your free blog is only clicks away”. I have always been a blogless person, but this seemed so easy. Besides, I had an “Eye Candy Friday” picture that I wanted to post. Well, I started to create my own blog on Friday, by Monday I had something resembling a blog. Eye Candy Friday was long over. (look I did italics, this is so exciting!) Oh, well, I’ll just have to hang on to the photo until this Friday.

Meanwhile, knitting was put aside. Blogland took over. However, I have finally started my KAL project. My nephews are big fans of anything to do with pirates. That gave me the idea to do a child’s hat. I’ll be using a Zoë Mellor pattern, with the We Call Them Pirates motif. The Zoë Mellor pattern uses cotton *gasp*, and I actually like the softness of cotton for a child. So, I’ll be using Rowan Handknit DK cotton. I’ve been playing around with colours and this is what I have so far; these are going to be the ear flaps:

    Ear Flaps

My daughter thinks that this motif is way too scary. She says, “Can you make unicorns instead Mommy?” Uh, oh.

 By the way, am I allowed to alter the pirate chart a bit? Do you see the diamond shape between the skulls? I was thinking of adding another one. So, two diamond shapes between the skulls. It’s something I’m mulling over. My new blog is here: http://loopyknitter.wordpress.com/ .