img_1551.JPGimg_1554.JPGYippee!! Finished my hat last night. I am still working with this system, so there may be photos or they may just be in the flickr pool…. I reversed the colors in my hat, as I already had a solid black hat. The lining worked out in my favor as the hat was a little big before the lining and the worsted weight cashmere that I knit on size two needles snugged it up. I made my lining go to where the decreases began, not on purpose, but because I ran out of yarn. This worked out well, too, as the hat would have been too short, had I kept going and made an entire inside hat. The only real problem with the hat is that the bottom of the hat is a little looser then where the pirates start. I am sure that this is something from my previous lack of color work. I am thinking of washing and blocking my hat, to see if that evens things out. If anyone has any suggestions on that, I would love to hear them! I will cast on the mittens, soon. Then when those are done, I am thinking knee socks may be cool….or possibly a hat for my lil grandson.