Arrgh! Is there going to be an award for most FOs? I haven’t even picked out my yarn yet, altho’ I’m leaning towards stash yarn for the first round…

The first item I’ll try is a tote bag, so I can get the feel of the pattern, and try/practice holding the colors in two hands. I’m going to use my odds and sods of Lamb’s Pride Bulky for that one.

One item I want to do is a sweater for my son (this will be the third pirate sweater – the first was “too heavy” the second was “too big” so hopefully this will be “just right” if I get the right yarn). I think I would just do a double band of skulls across a raglan-style sweater, with maybe some other fair-isley stuff on the bottom and wrists. Anyone have any suggestions on good yarn for kids (10 year old boy) that isn’t too awful to knit?