It’s HUGE. And I could tell it was way too big as soon as I got going (it turns out I knit WAY looser when I’m doing colorwork), but I figured, what the hell. I’ll either make it into a felted bag or bowl, or I’ll just decrease after the 2nd pattern repeat and try fulling it a bit so it’s not crazy huge. It looks gray in the pictures, but it’s actually more of a khaki. The second picture’s a little more accurate.

Here’s what it’s like flat. I’m using Plymouth Galway & Peruvian Highland whatever from  Yes, I know they’re worsted or near-worsted, but my swatch with the 3 needles was to gauge. Unfortunatley, my swatch was flat and not in pattern, because I’m a lazy dumbass. So I’ve learned I knit way looser in the round and on top of that, I knit way looser in colorwork.

Here’s the inside, if anyone can offer me any sage advice based on that. This is my first colorwork, and it seems okay–a little lumpy, but nothing that won’t block out. But I could well be missing something without realizing.