Okay, I’m about two rows into the cotton knit lining for Andy’s hat — my second WCTP.  (The first was a bit snug for my husband and we figured would fit Andy similarly so I gifted it to Kara — who it fit beautifully — and started over.)  I want to put Andy’s name in the lining.  I used this generator to chart some cheesy celtic lettering and I’ll probably start knitting it in on row 6.  The problem, of course, is that the generator is for x-stitch, not knitting, so the lettering might appear a bit squooshed.  Maybe not, though — I found the generator link on this beautiful blog, where Mrs. Frick used it along the bottom of a knit sweater and I think it turned out swimmingly.

When I’m done with Andy’s hat, I might cast on a pair of WCTP mittens for myself.  Haven’t decided for sure yet.

Project: WCTP hat
Yarn:  as written (Dale of Norway, Hauk in black and natural, plus cotton for lining)
Mods:  knitting the giftee’s name into the cotton lining
Progress:  I’m about 2 rows into the lining.


Kelly Sue