In my great élan to begin this hat I made a LYS blunder. Against my better judgement, I allowed myself to get talked in to using Trekking to do the hat. Yes, that Trekking, as in sock yarn Trekking. Weirdly I managed to get gauge when I swatched for it, but as you can imagine, the hat wound up being way too small for me.

Luckily I have two kiddie winkies, the smallest one being a bit of a tough chick, some would say she’s well on the way to being a riot grrrl third grader. She manages to effortlessly balance an utter fascination and undying love for Hannah Montana with the wearing of the pirate hat and totally make it work.
I love this pattern and completely heart Hello Yarn. Because I’m on the ‘knit from your stash’ drill for the next several months, I’m thinking about pulling out some Peer Gynt from the inner recesses of my yarn pile and doing one of these hats up for myself.