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Now I am off to start my WCTP mittens – its supposed to snow next week!

Have a great weekend!!


right after I get this shortie sock off the needles.  The yarn is here already, so all is a go!

Arrr………. This be me latest results of James’ bag. I went t’ me lys and vegged out for about 30 minutes workin’ on it.


My husband surprised me with a digital camera for Valentines Day.  The colors are so clear and pretty now.

I finished my hat! All ye dirrrty details be found on me blog.


I finished my hat a little over a week ago and posted about it on my own blog, but I forgot to post my completed picture here.

WCTP Finished

WCTP Inside

I started a pair of mittens in the same colors, but I’m going to have to frog and start over. The mitten was too small. I think I’ll try using size 4’s this time.

I finally had time to work on my hat this weekend. I was very dumb and thought I would use my US size 6 needles last week and started my hat. First I had my work twisted and as I was frogging it I noticed how gargantuan the hat was going to be.

There is a reason why people write a pattern a certain way.

Anyhow below is my progress over the weekend. I am using the Lion Wool and I am actually enjoing it. It is a tad bit scratchier than Cascade 220 but I think I will use it again. It is spun nicely. I am also using a slighly smaller guage than the pattern calls for now.


I am hoping to have this finished before this weekend. More to come later!


wctp-first-try.JPGWell… here’s what I had done as on my first WCTP as of yesterday.

 But this picture was taken only moments before it was frogged…  It was going to be a little to tight for the hubby, so I’m starting over.  I don’t have any larger 16in circs, though, so I’m going to try to just knit a little looser…  Hopefully that works!

Okay, the felted bag in it’s finished but unfelted state (with paper towel roll to give an idea of scale)Unfelted

Now the bag in it’s felted glory (still with paper towel roll to show the scale) I like the misty pirates. I may be inspired to do one in misty tones – with more light/dark contrast instead of two screaming colors…felted

For future ref: the bars would not line up at the corners, so I would double them or eliminate them. I could also have stranded more loosely. And I also had the gap someone else talked about when they inadvertantly tucked the yarn in at the same place over several repeats. It’s hard to see in the picture, but it almost showed up more in the felting than in the unfelted version. It was fun working the random stripey icord – almost makes icord fun!

It seems everything is going wrong. My little digital camera has died. It will download the pics, but as soon as it’s done the program encounters an error and shuts itself down. So I have all of these pics that I can’t show anyone. My youngest daughter got ahold of the bag and ripped out three rows. And to top it all off, I’ve lost one of the needles. I just want to cry. :*(

First of all, many thanks to everyone who commented about whether or not I should keep the “Shiver Me Timbers” phrase on this hat. Some people were hesitant about it, and I wasn’t sure about it myself, so it was frogged. Gone. I’m going to save the phrase for mittens instead! Anyway, here is the finished article:



There are a couple more photos on my blog .

I’ll post here again whenever I get started on the mittens. Meanwhile, “Long May Your Big Jib Draw”! Sorry, I can’t help myself. It’s the Maritimer in me.