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But I promise, I made the hat in late January! I made it for a friend who was visiting for Gasparilla, the pirate festival in Tampa.

It was too cold to wear to Gasparilla. But it cooled down the next day, so we took the hat to play shuffleboard.


More details can be found on my blog.


Okay, yes it is two days past the 15th. Maybe I am still elligible for the prize, and maye not. Either way I have a new phone cozy. With the contrasting colour liner I knitted my phone has plenty of padding. Hopefully that will be more than enough to prevent the few scratches that were already inflicted on it while riding in the saddle pouch on my bike. I want point out that although I am still loving bamboo for it’s texture, lustre, and softness, this Phildar Bamboo is not nearly as nice to work with as the SWTC bamboo I used on my last project. It just wants to split all over the place. Maybe that is reflected in the prices, SWTC is twice as expensive. I learned a lot in this project. Not being thoroughly happy with the final product, however, I may revist it, I still have enough yarn, and change a bit of the sizing stuff. Thanks to everyone for all the comments and posts on your projects.

 Note ~ I did try to publish this yesterday, but the system  had a brain fart and kept dumping it on me. I was surprised, but glad, to find it in drafts this morning. I wasn’t looking forward to rewriting it.

Well, for the most part anyway. I even finished the belt although I don’t have a pic of it.  Darn batteries die too fast. :( All that’s left to do now is make the buttons out of fimo. I would have done this sooner except that I only got the inspiration for it today. That will take me a few days because my oldest daughters birthday party takes precedence. The only snafu I hit was when I ran out of red yarn on the last side only 10 rows from the top. I didn’t feel like buying a whole skein for that tiny amount, so I subbed black. I figured a five year old isn’t going to care. All he knows is that he has an awesome bag with skulls on it to keep his treasures in. I did get excited though when it lined up with a black strip on the back. That was very serendipitous. If I’d thought of it in time, I may have striped the sides on purpose.

The front after felting.


The back after felting.


The inside front after felting.

I know, it’s not the most beautiful bag ever seen. However, I think I did very well considering that one, I’ve never done color work before, and two, I had no pattern. I just looked at a few bags I liked, and went from there. It didn’t turn out quite how I had planned, but what does when it comes to the endless variables in the combination of yarn and needles?

I really enjoyed this KAL and I appreciate the opportunity to participate. I liked seeing everyone elses projects. I saw some really awesome ones.

Well, I’m off to knit a lunch bag for my husband. He expressed interest in skulls himself although he’s informed me he wants red skulls on a black background. No white. Bleh. Why are men so bloodthirsty?


Well the deadline of March 15th fast approaches and I am almost there. This intarsia is far more difficult than I was giving it credit for, or maybe it is just the small size that I chose to work with. Not to mention that I found my original plan of working in the round just a bit to tight, or at least for my current skill level in this technique. So I ended up creating my project in two panels that I then stitched together, in spite of my knitting book telling me that this technique must always be worked in the round. Admittedly I did find the wrong side (purl) stitches a bit confusing. So bottom line is I am far fom happy with my project and I still have to finish my liner before the project is actually finished. Should happen tomorrow night, but at the moment I need to get some sleep for work tomorrow. In any case, below is a pic of my current status. I am hoping that our fair administrator will accept my project with a small extension, but of course I understand if not. Rules are rules. Thanks for the great knit along. If nothing else I learned a lot in my three or four iterations of this project.

I’ve finally finished the WCTP Mittens: Fingerless Stylee.
Please pardon the non-blockedness. I just threw them on the scanner and hit Go.
These are a late ChristmaHanuKwanza gift, and I was itching to make a pair for myself…but that’s not going to happen real soon.
Here, it’s been in the low to mid 80s recently. In fact, today it’s going to top off at 90 degrees. Ladies and gents, Mitts Season—in the desert, at least—is over.
What might happen is that I make a pair during the summer and squirrel them away for that morning I wake up in October or November, get ready to go to work, open my front door, close it immediately and go running for The Basket of Warm Things where I’ll find some cool fingerless mitts just waiting…

I’m almost done! I’ve hit a few hiccups over the last month, but I’m catching up. Hopefully, I’ll get it done today. If you want any more details, check out my blog.

The front

The back



I finished some mittens, to go with the hat.

Child's    Child's

There are more pictures, and details, on my blog. I’ve had so much fun with this, my first, knitalong. Thanks so much everyone!!

This has been done a few weeks but everytime I thought to take a picture, my nephew was here and it is for his Birthday in September.  I hope to make another over the summer as it was fun.  Thanks for hosting this as it made me get it done instead of waiting till summer to knit it.  I love checking out all the colors and yarns used to make the hats and mittens.

 I wasn’t able to post a picture but here is a link to my blog.

Finally, after frogging twice… here’s my lovely Mother in the stocking hat I made for me (just recently) ex-boyfriend, silly man gave the hat back.  :(

I’d never worked with # 1 or 3 size needles, so I totally used size 10 (I’m a complete dork) and felted this baby down.  It fit my man (ex) like a glove… supposedly that’s the way he liked it.

Anyway, now I have a hat that fits a little big but is warm as hell!

I’ll be making one for me next… still trying to choose my colors.

It fits!


  Only took 3 tries to make it so..but now it fits like a dream.

I’m going to let my man have it..I got a “thing” with hats..not all of them…just some.  He likes it, so it is his  (and I get a little stress of my back because I finally made him something! =) )

Hope everyone is getting some good knitting time!