Well the deadline of March 15th fast approaches and I am almost there. This intarsia is far more difficult than I was giving it credit for, or maybe it is just the small size that I chose to work with. Not to mention that I found my original plan of working in the round just a bit to tight, or at least for my current skill level in this technique. So I ended up creating my project in two panels that I then stitched together, in spite of my knitting book telling me that this technique must always be worked in the round. Admittedly I did find the wrong side (purl) stitches a bit confusing. So bottom line is I am far fom happy with my project and I still have to finish my liner before the project is actually finished. Should happen tomorrow night, but at the moment I need to get some sleep for work tomorrow. In any case, below is a pic of my current status. I am hoping that our fair administrator will accept my project with a small extension, but of course I understand if not. Rules are rules. Thanks for the great knit along. If nothing else I learned a lot in my three or four iterations of this project.