Note ~ I did try to publish this yesterday, but the system  had a brain fart and kept dumping it on me. I was surprised, but glad, to find it in drafts this morning. I wasn’t looking forward to rewriting it.

Well, for the most part anyway. I even finished the belt although I don’t have a pic of it.  Darn batteries die too fast. :( All that’s left to do now is make the buttons out of fimo. I would have done this sooner except that I only got the inspiration for it today. That will take me a few days because my oldest daughters birthday party takes precedence. The only snafu I hit was when I ran out of red yarn on the last side only 10 rows from the top. I didn’t feel like buying a whole skein for that tiny amount, so I subbed black. I figured a five year old isn’t going to care. All he knows is that he has an awesome bag with skulls on it to keep his treasures in. I did get excited though when it lined up with a black strip on the back. That was very serendipitous. If I’d thought of it in time, I may have striped the sides on purpose.

The front after felting.


The back after felting.


The inside front after felting.

I know, it’s not the most beautiful bag ever seen. However, I think I did very well considering that one, I’ve never done color work before, and two, I had no pattern. I just looked at a few bags I liked, and went from there. It didn’t turn out quite how I had planned, but what does when it comes to the endless variables in the combination of yarn and needles?

I really enjoyed this KAL and I appreciate the opportunity to participate. I liked seeing everyone elses projects. I saw some really awesome ones.

Well, I’m off to knit a lunch bag for my husband. He expressed interest in skulls himself although he’s informed me he wants red skulls on a black background. No white. Bleh. Why are men so bloodthirsty?