Okay, yes it is two days past the 15th. Maybe I am still elligible for the prize, and maye not. Either way I have a new phone cozy. With the contrasting colour liner I knitted my phone has plenty of padding. Hopefully that will be more than enough to prevent the few scratches that were already inflicted on it while riding in the saddle pouch on my bike. I want point out that although I am still loving bamboo for it’s texture, lustre, and softness, this Phildar Bamboo is not nearly as nice to work with as the SWTC bamboo I used on my last project. It just wants to split all over the place. Maybe that is reflected in the prices, SWTC is twice as expensive. I learned a lot in this project. Not being thoroughly happy with the final product, however, I may revist it, I still have enough yarn, and change a bit of the sizing stuff. Thanks to everyone for all the comments and posts on your projects.