Our knitalong has come to an end. Thanks to everyone for participating, and congratulations on your finished objects!

I haven’t yet decided on the prize, but I will any second now. In the meantime, everyone who finished their objects, please comment here, with a link to a picture of said FO. If you completed multiple items, list them all. You’ll get one entry per item.

I don’t want to have to go back through all the posts & suss out who finished what. In the interest of busy schedules, I’m going to give everyone until the end of the month to post (but not to finish! Your objects must have been finished by the 15th–but it doesn’t matter whether you posted your results by that date).

LINKS: Just paste the url. The comments field don’t like html, so posting pictures or an a href link is a bust.

ALSO, the spam filter was catching some of these because of the number of links. I reset the catch number to 5, so unless you’re impossibly productive, you’re set. And if you are, just email me & I’ll fish it out. It also caught another random post with only one link, so go figure. If comment doesn’t appear, you can just email me at nikol at thriftyknitter dot com.

I’ll be doing the drawing at the end of the month using a printout of this page, so if you’re not here, you won’t be included.